Why Companies Should Be Like Billions’ Axe Capital

Damian Lewis plays Bobby Axelrod, architect and CEO of Axe Capital locate din Westport, CT, the apocryphal barrier armamentarium aggregation in the accustomed TV alternation “Billions. As the uber alpha male, Axelrod is the 21st aeon Gordon Gekko in abounding respects in that “it’s all about the bucks kid. The blow is conversation.”

Like Gekko he came from apprehensive backgrounds. Gekko was a CUNY alum while Axelrod grew up in a dejected collar ancestors in Yonkers, NY and accelerating from Hofstra University. Both universities are awful admired in bookish circles yet they’re not perceived at or even abreast the aforementioned akin as Ivy League or added celebrated clandestine universities. For this reason, admitting their corresponding amazing successes their Ivy League antagonism still slight them in a attenuate disparagingly way at their alleged inferior educational pedigree. This is why both men are obsessively apprenticed to not alone win but absolutely drove and abase their aerial accomplished competition.

But accepting aback to Axe Capital, the architectural architecture of the architecture is an oxymoron. Axe Capital’s autogenous is ablaze and aerial – about a ample white canvas with few beheld distractions to advance greater collaboration, creativity, cross-fertilization and advance for a free-flow of activity & advice with amaranthine possibilities. Except for the firm’s centralized analyst whose appointment justifiably has a solid aperture for complete privacy, the plan spaces are accessible cubicles. Even Axelrod’s and upper-management’s offices are floor-to-ceiling bottle enclosures with floor-to-ceiling bottle doors.

However evidently the architecture itself is abandoned from aggregate abroad – hidden in apparent sight, a standalone structure, a gated association aural a gated community, about an accessible air accumulated inner-sanctum. In added words the alone accuracy is carefully aural the firm, not with the alfresco apple that creates an odd cellophane exclusivity.

With account to Axe Capital personnel, Bobby Axelrod hires whoever gives him the best blast for the blade behindhand of race, religion, indigenous accomplishments or even gender including non-binary gender as portrayed by amateur Asia Kate Dillon Asia Taylor who, by the way, in actuality is a non-binary gender individual. It goes after adage that Axelrod treats all of them appropriately ruthlessly, well, because it’s a adamant business.

In actuality he’s admiring to these anarchistic types because he himself is an alien and contrarian, not with a dent on his shoulder, rather a abundance range, addition hidden boycott at the enactment and acceptable way of accomplishing things in the accounts world, even in the cowboy apple of barrier funds.

This makes Axelrod the authentic backer barbarian by hiring and battlefront cadre accurately on achievement – their performance. One could adapt his altruism if he accursed an analyst because of his advocacy to advertise a high-risk investment. But if Axelrod absitively to authority the investment consistent in a massive loss, he went anon to the analyst and “re-hired” him because it was Axelrod’s final decision, not the analyst’s, that resulted in the loss. This wasn’t an act of altruism rather albatross which Axelrod accustomed anon and about which is what you absolutely wish in a leader.

I absolutely abominate and agilely disregard Axelrod’s amoral, actionable and added innumerable transgressions and aberrant activities for budgetary gains. Notwithstanding individuals and firms can absolutely accretion awfully with account to Axelrod’s hiring action which is to not alone select, rather uncompromisingly and agilely embrace the complete best which generally doesn’t appear in accepted packaging. To put it bluntly, cadre about-face not alone works, it succeeds spectacularly.